Cloud Bookkeeping & VAT Returns

Our cloud-based and virtual bookkeeping services are securely stored, allowing you to access your financial data anytime and anywhere.



As a highly customisable platform, Quickbooks Online is perfect for your growing business. Its cloud-based technology comes with a variety of benefits to help you get started and seamlessly track your growth. As your partner, we will not only help you set up your company profile but also provide in-depth personal and company training – ensuring you know how to get the most out of QuickBooks Online.

How We Use QuickBooks:

We use this platform to keep track of your accounting, invoicing, billing, estimates, and more – freeing you to focus on the future of your business

Available for all platforms, you are able to keep track of your financial health from anywhere at any time as we take care of the tedious financial tasks

Credit card syncing capabilities give you the transparency you need to collaborate with us. As your bookkeepers, we are here to support your business and answer any questions.



Kashflow (an alternative to QuickBooks) is an easy to use, online cloud-based accounting software that can be used to track time, expenses, pay bills, send invoices and pay employees. Kashflow was created to help small businesses grow and has many helpful features and add-ons.

We also use Kashflow, another of our recommended online cloud-based accounting software systems, to track your time, expenses, bill payment, invoicing and payroll. A system that was developed for businesses on the smaller side, we highly recommend it for freelancers and nonprofits, as well as small businesses.

How We use Kashflow:

Setting up can be a task – we take that off your hands, set you up and you’re ready to go

Because it’s a cloud-based platform, we give you the ability to manage and view your financial position from anywhere at your convenience

Multi-user capabilities allows you to not only collaborate with your team, but with us as well

We give you a clear overview of your current financial position – all in real time


It’s an automated bookkeeping and data entry solution, available on desktop and as a mobile app. Receipt Bank captures your receipts and invoices, extracts the data and pushes it into cloud bookkeeping platform. With this tool, you can track your business expenses and share them with us. No more data entry or piles of paper receipts. 

Save time with digitisation.

No manual data entry or paperwork. Eliminate the manual processes of day-to-day with Receipt Bank and spend more time to doing what you love (and growing your business!).

Say goodbye to stacks of paper receipts!

Stay on top of your bookkeeping with Receipt Bank’s digital capture tool. You can upload data instantly and get rid of old receipts.

Keep up to date with real-time data.

Receipt Bank pulls real-time data from your receipts so you’re always up to date. Accurate numbers and real-time visibility help you make better informed decisions about your business.


Work smarter. Grow faster.

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